Human Resources Management (HRM)

    Human resources management (HRM) can be performed in the HR department or outsourced. It includes administration, recruiting, selection, retention, development and assessment of the companies personnel.

    HRM Degree & Education in China

    - HRM degree in China
    - Online degrees
    - China executive education

    China Graduates recruiting

    - China campus recruitment

    China HRM Awards

    - 100 Best HRM Companies
    - CCH China STAFF Awards
    - HRM Awards Hong Kong
    More information: China HRM awards

    China HR/HRM Forums

    - Human Capital & Talent Management Forum
    - China Human Capital Forum
    - Seminars/fairs from AmCHAM, EUCCC and other chamber of commerces
    More information: China HR/HRM forums, seminars is for sale at Flippa